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“For a long time, talking about my father was too painful”, Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter confides, 32 years after the singer’s death

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A few days before the opening of Serge Gainsbourg’s house, his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg made some confidences.

On March 2, 1991, Serge Gainsbourg died in his house at 5 bis rue de Verneuil, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, following a heart attack. His death has of course mourned the world of French music, but also his family, marked for life by this tragedy, and in particular his daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Long upset by his loss, she now pays tribute to him by opening her house to visitors. She made some confidences Figaro about his difficult grief.

The opening of Serge Gainsbourg’s house to the public

For several years, Charlotte Gainsbourg has planned to open her father’s house to the public. A wish that comes true on September 20, 2023, after hard work. Originally, the tour was to be guided with either the voice of Bambou or the voice of Jane Birkin. Ultimately, it is that of the singer’s daughter who will guide visitors.

“For a long time, talking about my father was too painful. There was like a barrier. I only did it abroad, where it is a little less known, where I have the impression that we don’t know everything about our lives. »she told Figaro. “Today, thirty-two years have passed and it is no longer difficult for me at all”added the actress.

“If I talk about him, it’s necessarily intimate. Others know the professional part much better than me. I talk about him with the same intimacy as in Jane by Charlotte, the documentary I made about my mother”, she explained to our colleagues. On the other hand, she has not often gone to this place full of memories. “Not so much, especially on birthdays, because it was painful. I never pushed the door lightly”, confided the singer’s daughter. Her children and her partner Yvan Attal visited the house before opening to the public. “The emotion of my loved ones gave me reason to have kept everything intact. People really feel something. Seeing their reactions really calmed me down. »specified Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, orphan of both parents

Long upset by the death of her father, Charlotte Gainsbourg also lost her mother, Jane Birkin, on July 16, 2023. She did not experience their loss in the same way, because she was much younger when Serge Gainsbourg died. “I put on a good face, I smiled, but it was very violent. I didn’t want to hear anything about their memories and to be left alone. »she told World. At 52, she perceives the death of her mother in a very different way, “I listen, I receive […] I see all the good my mother has done and I want to hear”she clarified.

With the opening of the house on rue de Verneuil, she will be able to pay tribute to her father, as well as her mother. For those who would like to visit it, the ticket office is already open for the period from September to December 2023. Victim of its success, the route “house and museum” is already full, as we can read on the venue’s website.

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