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In the event of the death of the spouse, you are not only entitled to a survivor’s pension. Here is all the help you can claim.

Did you just lose your life partner? You are not only entitled to the survivor’s pension, under conditions. In this painful time, the CAF can also help you financiallyespecially if you have a dependent child.

A Caf social worker is on hand. He can accompany you in this ordeal, support you and help you find a family and social balance:

  • Facilitate your administrative procedures (information on your Caf and other rights, such as death benefit, provident fund, survivor’s pension, etc.)
  • Find solutions to deal with family and financial consequences (budget, housing, childcare, etc.)
  • Inform and guide you.

As part of his mission, a CAF social worker will contact you in the weeks following the declaration of death to the CAF services. If you wish, you can ask him today for an appointment.

What are the rights of a widowed woman?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you are entitled to several financial aids in the event of the death of your spouse. You can claim many aids such as:

  • Family support allowance (ASF), if you live alone, regardless of your resources, for dependent children under 20 whose father or mother has just died;
  • Active solidarity income (RSA) or the activity bonus to supplement your resources;
  • Housing assistance to help you pay your rent;
  • Loan to help you buy appliances or furniture;
  • Home help

Widowhood allowance can also be requested. This is a sum paid monthly and temporarily on demand. According to figures from the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES), 4,700 people benefited from it at the end of 2020. Among these beneficiaries, 96% are women.

The widowhood allowance is granted subject to means testing. Also, your spouse must have been affiliated to old-age insurance for at least 3 months, continuous or not, during the year preceding the death. The widow or widower must be under 55 and reside in France. If you are 55 or over, you can apply for a survivor’s pension. However, exceptions exist.

Also, you must not live as a couple (remarriage, concubinage, PACS). Regarding your resources, those of the three calendar months before your request must not exceed 3750 € per month.

Does the Caf pay a death benefit?

Under certain conditions, Social Security pays an indemnity called death benefit. Each year, the fixed amount of the death benefit is revalued. In 2022, it amounted to 3681 euros if the deceased was an employee and to 8227.20 euros for a non-retired self-employed worker.

The death capital of the CPAM can be paid if in the 3 months preceding his death the deceased was:

  • job center recipient; employee; recipient of an invalidity pension; holder of a work accident or occupational disease pension; self employed.

To benefit from it, the surviving spouse must contact the CPAM on which the deceased depended. If the deceased was a Pôle emploi recipient, employee, pensioner or an annuity, the Cerfa 10431 form must be completed. If it was a self-employed person, another specific form must be used. On the other hand, if your spouse was retired for more than three months, you cannot claim the death benefit.

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