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Energy renovation: practical advice

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Housing information booklet, energy audit, energy performance diagnosis (ECD)…the green value of a property is now part of the story. Particularly energy-intensive, the building sector is changing and the fight against thermal sieves, on a large scale, is underway. It is still necessary to inform and demonstrate transparency.

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Regulatory energy audit

Since April 1, before sell a individual house or one apartment buildingclassified F or G at the DPE, i.e. the most energy-consuming dwellings, it is necessary to carry out a energetic audience. These are the recommendations for the work to be done. The document must be attached to the promise of sale. The cost is borne by the seller and it is the law. Who can carry out an audit? Qualified real estate diagnosticians, architects who have undergone training, design offices and RGE-certified companies, etc. The list of energy auditors can be found on the site France

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Regarding the calculation of ECD, from the letter A to G, it raised questions about its reliability. If Yannick Ainouche, president of the FNAIM diagnostic roomrecognizes hiccups during the launch of the ECD, the methodology has improved. » The calculation engine of the DPE is reliable. As in all trades, sometimes the diagnostician makes mistakes. There is also the methodology which was corrected last year. Today, the owner of the accommodation must give all the technical specificities of the property that he has possibly modified (change of the boiler system, insulation, etc.). You have to be able to exchange, and that it gives access to the attic, for example. The owner must provide as much information as possible so that the DPE is as reliable as possible. This is essential. “he assures.

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The impact on prices

The notaries control the diagnosticians. They must be certified, insured and the numberADEME is well registered with the DPE. » This document has long been anecdotal. Today, the situation has changed. It is essential and has an opposable value. And there’s a timetable and penalties (gradual ban on renting thermal colanders). Energy performance is becoming a real decision-making criterion and has an impact on thereal estate prices. Both sellers and buyers are increasingly anticipating this notion. And it is already visible on the sector of the houses. ” emphasizes Maître Elodie Frémont, spokesperson for the notaries of Greater Paris.

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Housing Information Booklet

Housing decency, comfort for the inhabitant, renovation work, owners and tenants, everyone must be concerned. If the budgetary cost is of course important, it is necessary to find out about helpss and certain bonuses can be combined (State, cities and communities, etc.). » The transition of the entire housing stock may take 30 years, but this revolution is underway “says Yannick Ainouche. » Like the technical control of a vehicle, the housing information book will eventually allow real traceability of the evolution of the habitat. It is in everyone’s interest. »

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