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Ecological planning: where will the extra billions go?

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Élisabeth Borne, accompanied by five ministers, presented the ecological planning for which she is responsible to the various stakeholders of the CNR: representatives of employers’ organizations, trade unions, consular chambers, environmental associations or the fight against poverty.

In total, the State will commit €10 billion in “additional investments”, of which €7 billion will actually be “disbursed” next year. According to the I4CE think tank, the 2023 budget included around €28 billion in spending on ecological planning.

In detail, this new envelope of €10 billion will be distributed as follows:

Agriculture and biodiversity (€2.3 billion)

  • €500 million for the forest (reforestation and downstream forestry)
  • €500 million for the water plan
  • €500 million for carbon diagnosis or hedges
  • €400 million for biodiversity
  • €300 million for the phytosanitary plan (excluding France 2030, a plan, announced in 2021, which aims to develop industrial competitiveness and future technologies)
  • €100 million for the protein plan


  • €1.6 billion for the energy renovation of housing
  • €600 million for state buildings


  • €800 million in support for biogas injection
  • €700M in support for hydrogen
  • €300M for other projects including overseas territories


  • €1.5 billion in credits released from France 2030
  • €300 million for other projects


  • €1.4 billion for rail, river and maritime infrastructure
  • €200 million for the greening of vehicle fleets


  • €500 million for the Green Fund (increased to €2.5 billion)
  • €300 million for greening allocations


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