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DIY idea | Optimize your home office with these 5 tips

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We tend to use our computers more and more, and this in different areas. Some people use it to read the news, others to watch movies, and still others to play video games. Lately, casino players are even using it to wager on games of chance – through this site, they can find the gaming interfaces offering the best slots and other table games and have fun for hours. With these types of entertainment, we therefore tend to spend more and more time in front of our PCs, which means that we are always sitting at our desks longer. It thus becomes essential to improve this part of the house. In this article, we have condensed some simple DIY ideas that will allow you to get comfortable in front of your computer.

Raise the screen

For reasons of ergonomics, it is important that the screens of our computers are placed at eye level, so that we do not have to lower our heads to look at them. It is certainly possible tobuy a desk on Ikea for example which is already equipped with an integrated shelf allowing you to place the screen in height, but if your model is not equipped in this way, know that you can completely add it later.

Sunday handymen can simply place a solid box in the corner of the desk on which to place the screen on its feet. The more seasoned, on the other hand, will be able to mount a removable arm on which to fix the screen which will then be dirigible in all positions.

Create a footstool

To be comfortably installed in front of your PC – especially when you stay there for hours – it is advisable to be able to place your feet up from time to time. Why not create your own footstool. With a few boards, a hammer and nails, you can indeed design a large crate with an inclined plane on which the person seated can put his feet.

Hide wires and sockets

A computer, an additional screen, a mouse, a keyboard, a lamp, etc. With all these elements, our office is quickly invaded by cables of all kinds. To keep this corner clean and visually aesthetic, it is important to hide the wires. There are different solutions for this:

  • Near the socket, you can start with install a box that covers the power strips and connections ;
  • With some cable tiesyou can collect the loose threads;
  • With some sheathsyou can run the wires under the desk, so that they are no longer visible.

Refresh the room

Summers tend to get hotter and hotter and computers – to the extent that they emit heat – easily make the atmosphere even more sweltering. The room in which you sit in front of your PC is not equipped with air conditioning? How about designing it yourself? Our team has set up for you a small tutorial that will allow you toinstall your homemade air conditioner in the room of your choice, the office remaining the ideal place. Thanks to this ingenious idea, you can refresh yourself without consuming too much energy!

Install appropriate lighting

In front of the PC, it is essential to limit eye fatigue as much as possible thanks to optimized brightness. Screens tend to damage the eyes and it is necessary to limit breakage to install additional soft and indirect lighting.

We therefore advise our DIY friends to install modular LED light panels. They simply stick to the wall and are connected by a wire to be plugged into an outlet. To illuminate them, a simple pressure of the palm of the hand is enough: they are tactile and react to touch.


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