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Discover 3 reasons to choose camping rentals this summer.

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Is camping rental an ideal option for your summer vacation? Here are 3 good reasons to convince you!

Camping as an outdoor experience offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature. It is a mode of accommodation that offers comfort and conviviality, whether for holidays alone or with family. Here are three reasons to rent camping this summer.

Camping is a great way to get out and enjoy nature

Many campsites are nestled in small corners of unspoiled nature, far from the bustle of the city and the crowds. They find themselves by a lake, by the sea, in the heart of the forest or at altitude, in the mountains. In these natural villages, you won’t have to choose between a “sea view” (at an exorbitant price) and a “view of the car park” (to be avoided).

Wherever you are installed, it is often a « breathtaking view » over 360° that is offered to you. Campers in tents will even have the privilege of choosing the orientation of their canvas according to the panorama they wish to discover when they wake up. If you want to connect with nature, remember to book at a campsite this summer for your holidays.

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It’s a fun way to spend time with family and friends

Escape camping, immersed in a exotic environment, gives you the opportunity to leave behind the frenetic rhythm of « metro-work-sleep » for a while. Most campsites these days have gone to great lengths to ensure campers have plenty of activity options to suit everyone.

Some have evolved into real entertainment complexes with swimming pools, playgrounds or beach volleyball… To live an authentically unique experience, other campsites offer you the chance to try the adventure in a trailer or in a yurt. This new trend is known as “glamping”.

Among other activities, you can try canoeing, surfing, tree climbing or dare to take a first flight by parachuting or paragliding. Obviously, the proposed activities will be closely linked to the choice of campsite where you will stay.

Camping is a relatively affordable way to spend a vacation

If you are undecided between opting for a camping trip, choosing a bed and breakfast or booking a hotel room, the financial factor will probably play a determining role in your decision. In this regard, the campsite stands out as a more economical option compared to other competing forms of accommodation. The cost of an overnight stay is generally affordable, allowing many families to afford camping holidays.

Average rates for a night in a tent are around €20, with even the possibility of finding pitches from €11 per night. On the other hand, for a stay in a mobile home, the cost is naturally higher, oscillating around 800 € for a week. Thus, camping turns out to be an advantageous option for affordable vacations, and its price is incomparably lower compared to other types of rentals.

However, it should be noted that campsites have evolved considerably in recent years. They are now classified according to a star system similar to that of restaurants and hotels. Thus, a 4 or 5 star campsite offers higher rates because it offers an experience that leans more towards that of a resort or club.

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