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Convicted of tax evasion, he sells all his homes to repay his debt

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Nothing to declare« . This is what a businessman from Brest noted in the industrial and commercial profits box of his tax return. He claimed to receive 0 euros in this box and yet, he had pocketed no less than 62,460 euros by renting 30 apartments in 2018. In 2017, this time he declared land income to the tax authorities, of the order of €1,700, while he received €85,700. He was recently sentenced at the Brest judicial court to 6 months in prison under an electronic bracelet, for tax fraud. However, he retains the right to manage his businesses.

The tax authorities had no difficulty in unmasking the deception: the 47-year-old man did not try to hide and deposited the sums collected into his bank accounts, which made it easy to prove the fraud. “What colors the file is also the reduction in the turnover of your companies, in particular by almost 97% for overseas investments.», Explains the magistrate, as reported The Telegram. According to the businessman, it was a matter of negligence: he was “overtaken by the events« . He thus found himself paying more than 727,000 euros to the tax authorities, between 2012 and 2018, after multiple tax audits, and was quickly unable to pay the charges for his real estate. He thus began to sell real estate to absorb these more than 700,000 euros.

Scammed by his accountant

The businessman tried to settle his debts to the tax authorities by hiring an accountant but he was unlucky and the accountant turned out to be a crook who took 100,000 euros from him. He therefore tried to regain good financial health by trading on the stock market. Here again, he loses 400,000 euros, as reported West France. “It seems complicated, you and taxes!», Notes the president of the Brest judicial court. He therefore only has one solution left: to part with his real estate assets to repay his tax debt. In particular, he sold his main property for almost a million euros.


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