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Do you perceive more or less than you should? According to the Court of Auditors, 14% of retirement pensions paid include a calculation error. How is this possible? What to do if you are affected by this thorny problem?

To err is human, of course, but when it comes to your money and your retirement, you’d rather there was none. Unfortunately for some retirees, errors are common in the calculation of their pensions and rights. As the revealed The Parisiana retirement pension out of 7 would be incorrectly calculated in France according to the Court of Auditors. Enough to add fuel to the fire, while anger is brewing because of pension reform.

“One in seven (14%) newly awarded pension benefits had at least one financial scope error in 2021. At the end of 2022, our residual misstatement indicators in liquidated pension files in year record rate
by 13%. This level is in continuous improvement », indicates the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) on a daily basis. In 2022, the organization registered an error rate 13% in retirement files settled during the year.

Retirement pension calculation error: are you concerned?

According THE Parisianthese errors of pension calculation are most often done to the detriment of the retiree who does not realize it. And the sums paid last until their death. The discount for the pensioners concerned would amount to 570 euros per year“, according to the calculations made by our colleagues, who based themselves on the latest report from the Court of Auditors. “For those whose pension is overvalued, the annual gain is more than 700 euros”we read.

“This is only part of the errors, those of the old age branch of Social Security. Complementaries also have their share »analyzes Valérie Batigne, founder and president of Sapiendo, a retirement consulting firm.

Retirement pension calculation error: when one problem leads to another…

Unfortunately for retirees, if the fund realizes its error, it can penalize them and request a reminder of the overpayment over two years: the insured person’s pension will be greatly reduced. Otherwise, in the event of “not paid enough”, the full amount owed since retirement will be returned to the insured. But this second case is rarer…

What is the origin of these serious calculation problems which can regrettably deteriorate the lives of retirees? According to Valerie Batigne, “There are two sources of difficulty. Errors in the career statement and problems with the pension formula. Retirement, we touch it on average for 25 years. SO, if there is a calculation error of 50 euros per month, that’s 15,000 euros“, she laments.

If the Cnav refuses to talk about“calculation errors”she indicates that these concerns mainly concern ” elements on the career. “It can be periods not declared or badly declared, data lost by the fund… You have to pay particular attention to the first years, because forty years later, it’s very hard. Before, we could reconstruct the career on simple testimonies whereas today “we need proof like pay slips”explain to Parisian Jean-François Chauffeté, boss of EOR Consultants. It would therefore be good to dive into your administrative papers to check that there are no errors.

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