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Camping litigation: complaint, reimbursement, law, obligation…

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Pests, dilapidated accommodation… Camping holidays can be full of surprises! Here’s how to win your case, in the event of a dispute.

The holidays, we wish them calm and relaxing. But in certain situations, and when we live in community as is the case in a campsite, problems can take shape and drain our energy. How to get out of it in the event of litigation in a campsite? The magazine 60 Million consumers has the answer.

In its latest issue, the magazine reveals his advice on obtaining redress in case of dispute in a campsite. This type of stay, surrounded by nature and with the family, is attracting more and more people. In April 2023, 63 million reservations were recorded for the season, according to figures from the National Federation of Outdoor Hotels (FNHPA).

“With the rising cost of living, people are looking more than ever for low prices this summer, explains Nicolas Dayot, president of the FNHPA to our colleagues. Logically, it is above all the bare pitches, rarely charged more than 300 euros per week in high season, which are massively reserved”.

Camping and misleading advertising: how to file a case?

Bungalow, camping car or simple tent, the French are satisfied with the bare minimum to spend holidays with family, camping, and enjoy the many activities offered on site (swimming pool, walk in the forest, dance lessons…). But many unforeseen events can show the tip of their nose!
“While walking on the terrace of my chalet, I almost fell backwards because of a wooden slat in the way. The bathroom was full of spiders, nails were sticking out of the partitions, and two beds for adults had been replaced by two bunk beds for children, the ladder of which threatened to fall! Result: I had to move to the sofa in the living room to sleep there for the entire stay…”says Aurore, who spent her holidays in a 4-star campsite in Vendée last year.

If you notice, from your arrival at the campsite, that many criteria are not checked off, while the ad promised mountains and wonders (swimming pool closed, accommodation smaller than expected…), you can ask for repairs. “Try first to settle the problem amicably with the team of the establishment, by asking for financial compensation. It is also possible, as compensation, to ask to stay in a higher standard accommodation.says Pierre Martin, head of the regulatory affairs sub-directorate at Atout France, an organization that assigns the number of stars to campsites.

Camping scam: report it!

If you do in front of an owner not very open to discussion, you must put together a file containing the inventory of fixtures of entry, the detail of the characteristics of the accommodation, the invoices and confirmation of reservation. For advertised services not available on site, remember to take screenshots and photos.

Next, add a written statement in which you will go into detail about « the too flagrant discrepancy between a commercial promise and reality is liable to prosecution for deceptive commercial practice, punishable by a fine of up to €300,000 and two years’ imprisonment, according to article L.132 -2 of the consumer code”. Send everything by email or by post with acknowledgment of receipt to the campsite address. 60 Million consumers recommends reporting the establishment on the website or to the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations concerned.

Camping: who to contact in the event of a dispute?

If, despite all your efforts and the numerous proofs collected by you, the owner still refuses your request, you can contact the mediator on whom he depends, by filling out a complaint form on his site. You will find his contact details in the general conditions of sale of the campsite.

If this information is not mentioned, you can request it from the campsite manager. If he refuses, he faces a fine of 15,000 euros.

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