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“Banking partners should be pooled to support energy renovation”, pub-9809009992858082, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Cost of the work, remains to be borne…given the magnitude of the stakes and beyond state aid to support the transition, Yannick Borde, president of Procivis, believes that a financing tool should be devised. It also details the results of its study on energy renovation, delivers its analyzes on market developments and housing policy.

Procivis is a national network which covers promotion, social housing, individual houses, land management, services.

What is your view of the new and old markets?

Yannick Borde, President of Procivis : “We are in an extremely complicated moment which deteriorated during the year 2022, in connection with the various crises. Multiple effects: cost of construction, rise in interest rates, difficulty in accessing credit for individuals, but also changes in the financing of real estate transactions. There is also the eternal debate on the land and opposite, for the customer, price levels that have probably reached their maximum. Housing purchasing power has deteriorated. Social access to property has been impacted. The housing chain has seized up. To this is added a hesitation of some elected officials to issue building permits and the reluctance of inhabitantsin some territories, with respect to new construction.

How to produce more affordable housing?

“There are topics around the land. Its cost weighs heavily on operations. Inflation was around 25 To 30 % on construction costs for almost a year. The new environmental regulations, the RE 2020costs more. Difficult to bring down the cost of construction without calling into question a certain number of principles on the standards. You should do a breakeven the alleviate. The law Climate and resilience brings a lot. However, it was designed in an economic context, that of 2021, which is different. The question today is to know if we have the means to continue like this and if our fellow citizens have the ability to buy these homes.

The business of promotion evolves with those who make the city, what do you see on the ground?

We see the change of urban forms. The gradual end of urban sprawl. We are led to change our forms of habitat. Not necessarily inside but rather the way in which one designs a housing complex on a block, plot or land. But we must always keep in mind, particularly in terms of the climate issue that 80% of housing in 2050 already exists Today. You have to pay a lot of attention to the existing stock. We must find the balance between the need to build new housing, because there is a lack of it, and preserve and guarantee the quality of the existing heritage.

The study on the French and housing with a focus on energy renovation

“The energy performance of housing has taken on its full meaning since the Climate and Resilience Law with the different classifications and the energy crisis. The growing weight of the bill means that there is a awareness even stronger and the need to optimize. There is an urgency to stabilize THE ECDit is necessary that the diagnosticians carry out their mission with serenity. It’s a pretty strong commitment. There was a lot of confusion when the DPEs started, you really have to manage to stabilize the subject. “

“Another big question is the building sector. Can she produce at this rate? Is the production tool for hundreds of thousands of homes suitable? Are the companies sufficiently qualified (EGR). We advance the figure of 16 To 17% which is very little. We must remobilize the entire sector to meet this challenge which is essential and complicated in terms of timing.

THE deadlines before us are closer. The schedule is not tenable given the mass of homes that are affected, and there are several million. And in condominiums, the decision-making process is a bit long. Nevertheless, I think that it was necessary to act like this because it allowed to launch the dynamics. There is an urgency for this to happen. We will take stock a few months from the first deadlines. The real risk would be that housing is not renovated and leaves the market.

Despite the aid, the rest to be paid for the renovation work remains high. How to find the balance between ecology and economy?

The State plays its role with the missions and budgets entrusted to the ANAH, with MaPrimeRénov…The difficulty we encounter today is that bank financing for energy renovation is difficult to consolidate. We would support the principle of pool a certain number of banking establishments Housing Credit type. He could be a financing tool non-competitive and not necessarily public. This would be one of the conditions of massive energy renovation within the deadlines set. And for the overall renovation.

What do you expect from the National Housing Convention?

It will be necessary to bring out some big ideas and strong orientations. This requires decentralization. The housing policy suffers from a national orientation and a real break with territorial application. Land use planning is essential. It must be in connection with the territorial economy. We must recompose today the job-housing chain”

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