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An Extravagant Mother’s Day Gift-Guide

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As a newly made mum, I am more keen on celebrating the specialness of motherhood this year. The journey is only beginning, but even the nine months before I could physically hold you felt like something worth celebrating. I’ve always been a fan of simplicity, but this year especially, I am collecting gift options that are both simple AND fancy. Something that screams, “you are special“. Because that’s how I feel about my body as well as my baby. As a deep thank-you to the mamas out there who have delivered, breastfed, given up sleep, sacrificed careers, and more. Here is an extravagant mother’s day gift-guide.

An Extravagant Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  • Slip-dress that works all around the clock for every occasion. Whether it’s lounging at home, going to cocktail hour, or brunching with friends, this dress will carry you through it all.
  • Personalized pendants that means what matters most.
  • Eye Protection for soccer games, beach days, BBQs and that beloved vacation you’re dreaming about.
  • Comfy flip flops because who has the time to tie shoes? Slip it on and go.
  • mommy glow is the secret to looking dewy fresh, despite the lack of sleep.
  • Routinely to keep you in tip-top shape, without the hassle of remembering what’s what.

Of course, my personal favorite brand for expensive gifts is not other than the niche J.Hannah. They are currently having their bi-annual sale this week (April 30- May 7). Use code BEJEWELED to get 20% OFF sitewide. Personally, one that I find endearing is this stacked inlay bookmark ring wherein a mother of pearl encircles a recycled diamond. My birthstone is pearl and my son’s birthstone is diamond so it’s quite fitting. I also love the thick band. One thing I have to say about J Hannah is that the quality of the jewelry is unmatched. Small-scale pieces made to order with a focus on recycling metals and precious stones is what this brand is all about. I own many of her jewelry pieces, and if you like the ethereal, check out the well-matching polish too!

If you are more of the quality-time type, check out How I Want to Spend My First Mother’s Day.

For those loving acts of service, read what I wish others would offer to help a new mum.

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