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An American wins the lottery and spends 70 million euros on real estate

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Since the day Edwin won $2 billion (nearly 1.9 billion euros) in Powerball, the American lottery, last February, he has been making luxury real estate purchases. His latest acquisition? A $47 million (€43 million) mansion in Los Angeles.

His latest splurge has 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms (more than the number of bedrooms), an infinity pool with breathtaking views of Los Angeles. Rooms feature walk-in closets, lounge areas and large bathtubs. DJ decks, a wine tasting room, a wine cellar, a theater and a suspended glass walkway complete the property. More surprisingly, a koi pond is visible in the entrance.

Three properties in 7 months

This is not Edwin’s first real estate acquisition. The young thirty-year-old has already treated himself to a $25 million villa in Hollywood less than 30 days after winning the jackpot. A property of more than 1200 m² spread over three floors with two garages that can accommodate 7 cars located between the villa of the singer Ariana Grande and that of the actress Dakota Johnson. The same month, he bought a second house with a pond, this time for $4 million.

In the space of just 8 months, Edwin spent a colossal sum on real estate, 76 million dollars (70 million euros) without forgetting other purchases such as a vintage Porsche worth 250,000 dollars, according to the New York Post. And yet nothing predestined Edwin to become a multi-owner. The young man led an ordinary life until one day he went to a gas station near his home. He then bought a Powerball lottery ticket without really believing in it. In just a few minutes, his life was turned upside down. From then on, his real estate buying frenzy never stopped.


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