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Alpha Season 3 Unveiled: My Neighbor Alice Enhances the Gaming Experience

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My Neighbor Alice announces the relaunch of Alpha Season 3 to simplify players’ access to the game and NFTs.

STOCKHOLM-– SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 the leading blockchain gaming and NFT company, announces the integration of Venly. This cutting-edge blockchain technology tool enhances user experience and simplifies gameplay; with the relaunch coinciding with ALPHA SEASON 3 on August 29players can look forward to a smoother and more accessible gaming experience.

was officially launched on June 27, introducing an exciting new feature that offered players a compelling purpose for engaging in activities like fishing and farming, enabling them to gather resources for crafting customizable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The response to this feature was phenomenal, with players creating a vast array of unique items at an astonishing number of over 100,000 NFTs.

However, on Friday, June 29, the team noticed an increasing delay in transaction processing times, which continued to escalate throughout the weekend, prompting them to take the difficult decision to temporarily place the game in maintenance mode on Monday, July 3.

Working closely with esteemed partners at ChromaWay, they swiftly identified the root cause of the performance degradation with an astonishing number of over 100,000 NFTs created by the players. The technical team has since resolved the issues, implemented Venly during an ongoing season, and provided a smoother and more accessible gaming experience.

My Neighbor Alice implemented Venly to facilitate smart contracts and distributed ledger functions. It simplifies setting up a digital wallet, making it incredibly easy for players to dive into tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets. With Venly, players no longer need to go through the tedious process of manually creating a wallet; instead, they can link it to their preferred social account or email and access it quickly and securely using a PIN.

Venly in My Neighbor Alice allows players to access My Neighbor Alice conveniently, eliminating the need to create a wallet and undergo complex setup procedures. While access to the wallet is secured with a simple PIN, this ensures players a quick and hassle-free login process.

One new feature that is also changing the marketplace of My Neighbor Alice is OnRamper, a new payment method. This system facilitates the purchase of $ALICE or $BNB tokens using various payment methods such as credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, streaming the acquisition of in-game items. By integrating Onramper, the marketplace enhances convenience for gamers, offering them a seamless blend of gaming and easy payment options. Dive into the marketplace to experience this newfound ease in your virtual adventures.

The integration of Venly and OnRamper in My Neighbor Alice opens doors to a new era of decentralized web gaming, empowering players with smart contracts and digital assets. My Neighbor Alice remains committed to delivering cutting-edge blockchain technology and continuously enhancing the player experience.

Find out how you can play and access its Marketplace here.

Ace My Neighbor Alice embarks on this exciting new chapter, the team would like to thank the community for its unwavering support. My Neighbor Alice will share more updates and developments on social media platforms.



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About My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a social online multiplayer builder game built on the Chromia blockchain platform. The project is designed to promote an end-to-end blockchain game ecosystem that allows for easy transactions within the NFT and gaming community. The technology behind My Neighbor Alice is based on a staking and renting system. The system is being developed and will debut next year, allowing users to rent their NFTs for even more significant earnings potential. Ultimately sets them apart from other play-to-earn games. My Neighbor Alice aims to become a dominant entity in the blockchain gaming space and seeks to maintain and develop a vibrant community for diverse players.

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