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A fundraising of €3 million in series A for Chainels

Erwin Buckers and Sander Verseput
© Chainel

Chainels raised €3m in Series A from Capricorn Partners and Aconterra to improve “its visibility in the European PropTech market”. “This is a huge leap forward for the future of Chainels”, underlines Erwin Buckers, its CEO. “As real estate companies seek technologies that optimize property and asset management, we have shown time and time again that our platform can help them succeed. “ Chainels objective, in the long term: “To become the reference platform” to help these companies reduce their operational costs, in particular.

“Thanks to our in-house developers and dedicated customer success team, I’m confident we can continue to deliver on this vision,” says Sander Verseput, COO of a group whose rental management tool brings all communications together, essential workflows, services and amenities on one platform.

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