4 trendy murals

If you are constantly looking for new things for your interior decoration and you want to change, even on your walls, then opt for original murals. Let your creativity speak for itself by painting colorful shapes that are out of the ordinary, call for relaxation and bring real cachet to your interior. In addition, the fact of painting only one section of the wall can be considered as an economical decoration because of the little painted surface!

1. A wall with organic shapes

This large wall offers curved lines in soothing colors such as terracotta, ochre, nude pink and white. As long as you can, avoid straight lines for a bedroom, as they are not soothing or consistent with feng shui principles. Also avoid colors that are too garish. Painting curved lines, however, can be quite tricky. If you are not sure of your gesture, do not hesitate to find a painter of profession that will meet all your expectations. You will be satisfied with the result!

2. Create a sleeping area

Let your paint overflow about thirty centimeters, at the level of the ceiling and the adjoining walls. This method will allow you to create an effect of depth in your room as well as an intimate sleeping area. It can also be used as a headboard!

3. Paint and wallpaper

Here is a very colorful wall thanks to the paint and the plants installed. Choose colors that go very well with the green of your plants, then attach small shelves to install decoration in addition to the plants if you wish. As in the photo, finish with one or two tiles of original wallpaper!

4. An office corner

The office area is not to be overlooked. It is indeed important to feel comfortable in order to work well. To do this, create pretty geometric shapes to define your space. Here we have a rectangle as well as an arc forming an arch.

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