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10 original table ideas to make yourself

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The advantage of recovery is that we reuse materials instead of throwing them away, allowing us to both save money and reduce our carbon footprint. Here, to develop your recycling spirit, are 10 ideas for original tables to renovate or make from other furniture.

Ideas for original recycling tables to make yourself

Recovery is a lasting trend, and that’s good for the planet. Here are some ideas of original recovery tables which could prevent your obsolete furniture from going to landfill!

1/ A door transformed into a dining room table

Infuse color into your dining room with this door transformed into an original kitchen table to say the least.

2/ Perfectly cut logs

THE furniture natural has the wind in its sails. Ride the forestry trend by deciding to revisit your table low in its natural version.

3/ A wooden shutter and steel feet

THE mixtures of materials always take effect. For example, you can choose for your dining room tables, table legs in various materials.

4/ An original coffee table with a bicycle wheel

Don’t throw away your defective bicycle wheels, transform them into coffee or side table !

5/ A vintage suitcase for a unique living room

Are your grandmother’s personal belongings piling up in your attic? Instead of leaving them at the mercy of dust, give them a special place in your living room! Here’s one coffee table steeped in history.

6/ Natural palettes

THE pallets can be reused in all sorts of ways: Furniture and decorative objectscoffee tables, shelves or cabinets, these raw wood plates have the gift of personalizing any interior in the blink of an eye.

7/ A central island like a carpenter’s workbench

Do you like hunting as much as tinkering? Why not retype a established professional as a vintage table or island?

8/ A rolling console

Bicycles are not only intended to transport us, they can also act as unusual furniture legs !

9/ A drum transformed into a coffee table

A reel is an industrial reel generally made of wood. Like palettes, this professional accessory benefits from a high decorative potential.

10/ A table with original painting

Continue to be original by deciding to repainting an old wooden door to transform it into unique living room table.

Some advice before refinishing a table or other furniture

You plan to renovate a piece of furniture to reuse it? Here are some tips for getting the best results:

  • To plan (determine the style you want to give to your table, its colors and materials, etc.)
  • Secure your workspace (be sure to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling dust or chemicals. Wear personal protective equipment like gloves, mask and goggles)
  • Make a list of necessary tools (make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials before you begin: sander, wire brush, paint, stain, varnish, brushes, rags, etc.)
  • Prepare the surface (remove all previous layers of varnish, paint or finish and ensure the surface is clean and smooth)
  • Repair if necessary (wood splinters, cracks, loose joints, etc.)
  • Choosing the right materials (select quality materials)
  • Maintain your furniture regularly (continue to maintain your table by cleaning it regularly and protecting it from scratches and other factors of wear).
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